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Heavy Steel is a fast-paced, cross-platform arena battler which can be played in solo mode or PvP with players from all around the world.

Available for most popular platforms, iOS, Android, PC and Mac, take charge of your own mech and fight in up to 16 player battles to gain your freedom.

500 years after the Earth became a hostile, radioactive wasteland, one bastion of human hope still stands – Bethesda City. The Heavy Steel League was created as a way for people to earn their place in the city, or die trying.


Heavy Steel puts you in control of some of the best mechs in the world. Enter the arena and engage in epic 16 mech team battles. Shoot, run and dodge your way to victory and win by any means necessary to gain your freedom!

Use the environment to your advantage and collect power ups to help assault your enemies and defeat the other mech warriors. Find health, weapon and shield power ups that boost your stats and help you gain an advantage in the battle arena.


Choose from 6 powerful mechs to fight with in the combat arena. Each one has their own unique stats – play with them all to discover which mech suits your strategy and style.


Battle other mech warriors from around the world in intense PvP battles and become the most skilled combat mech in the world! No internet connection? No problem – you can play Heavy Steel offline and fight against advanced AI controlled mechs.

Platform requirements

The game already has a number of graphics options you can select to improve performance on your platform so you shouldn't run into any issues running the game at one of the graphic preset options. However here are our recommended specifications for the best experience.

PC Recommends 2GB RAM, 250MB HDD, Windows 7,8,10. A DX9 capable graphics card with at least 1GB RAM

Mac Recommends an Intel-based mac, with 2GB RAM, 250MB HDD, running OSX Lion or above.

iOS Recommends iPhone 5 or above, 90MB storage space

Android Recommends dual core 1Ghz or above, 1GB RAM and Android version 5.0+


The easiest way to get support for the game is through the forum over at indiedb (
Every effort has been put into making sure Heavy Steel runs smoothly on all tested platforms, if you feel you are having issues running the game and you cannot find an answer on the forum then please feel free to contact, explaining clearly what issues you are having (please include as much information as possible).


PC (Windows) & Mac (OSX) versions are available at :

iPhone & iPad versions available on the App Store : app store

Android version available on the google play store : google play

LAN Server

It is possible to play the game on a LAN (local area network), this quite a technical process and we provide no support at all, it is there for an option for advanced users who want to play on a LAN. The software is not written by us, but by Photon who's networking API we use.

Download the Photon LAN server (windows only)

Firstly you need to download the photon server SDK from this URL : You don't need to register right now. After you've extracted the files somewhere on your harddrive, navigate to its "control center", found under deploy/bin_WinXX. Start up PhotonControl.exe.

Configure the server

If you start up PhotonControl, you will receive a message that your server currently supports 20 CCUs. If you want more than that, sign up on the Photon website and download your 100 CCU license - for free. Move it into the folder where your PhotonControl executable is located and restart it to take effect.

Now, click on the PhotonControl icon in the tray bar and select 'Game Server IP Config'. Here you have to choose how your server should be reached. You can choose between your private IP within your LAN, or a public IP. Note that if you want to have players connected from a different network, you have to set a public IP that does not change i.e. a static IP. However for simple LAN setups, you would use a local IP - therefore click on 'Set Local IP'.

For more information, please visit the Getting Started guide over at photon

Heavy Steel is a Carl Jones production, developed and published by Pixel Knights Ltd.

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